I've spent most of the last 10+ years staring at variously sized screens trying to make internet a better place.

I love handcrafting websites, and I mean it literally. I've always been fascinated by how various codes intertwine between themselves and suddenly here you go: a website! It's like magic, except I'm actually able to do it, without throwing countless decks of cards and a couple of doves out of the window.

By day I work on at Automattic, by night… well by night too actually!

The tl;dr section to rule them all!

If you're not interested in diving through the rest of the page, you should get a fair idea of what I do and how I work just skimming through the following list, also color coded for my own amusement.

    • Web Development
    • Web Design
    • Development Tools
    • Design Tools
    • Game Design Tools
    • Music Tools

    You're just incredible, you know?

    To reward your prowess and stunning ability to withstand boredom, here you get two sections about two of my greatest passions: games and music.

    But with a twist: you'll be actually able to play and listen to my stuff!

    So please enjoy and thanks for getting here!

    A free compilation of videogame themes covers produced by the indie label Black Lodge and my gaming site Gioca Giuè.
    It features my own track "Metroid".

    My SoundCloud page, showcasing all my music production.